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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  June 12, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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50 retailers are looking to hire. a live report of how you can apply coming up. now the details on the heat out there, that is what everyone is talking about today we are under a heat advisory tonight and due to the extreme heat, haddonfield is dismissing school right now and philadelphia schools dismissed about a half hour ago looking live at pens landing, you can almost see the heat and humidity out there, and now melissa magee is here with a closer look at what to expect today and over the weekend. >> rick, expect a lot of hot air and building heat and humidity making a difference in how it felt yesterday. it's 90 here in philadelphia and 87 in trenton and 89 in reading and 90 in dover, but much cooler along the coast 73 in atlantic city and 72 in beach haven. here is the big difference, the level of moisture in the
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atmosphere we have dew point temperatures above 70 degrees, it's oppressive. we have 70 degree dew points in allentown, philadelphia and beach haven and wilmington and points to the south and west. this will stick with us throughout the day. how hot it feels currently, a heat index in philadelphia 97 and 99 in dover and 96 in wilmington. we have the heat advisory up along the 95 corridor and the immediate suburbs to the north and west and to the east as well. it stays up until 8:00 p.m. as heat indexes are near 100 in some locates this afternoon. the weekend call from accuweather, tomorrow it's warm and stays sticky with a thunderstorm popping up by the after none and a high temperature up to 89 and close to 90 tomorrow and on sunday sunshine and clouds it won't be as warm of a day with a high temperature coming in at 86 degrees, rick we have hit 90 here in philadelphia and the
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record today is 95 we could come close to that we'll have details coming up with the full and exclusionve accuweather seven day. and the heat and humidity did not keep everyone in we caught up with people running up the rocky steps. >> it's on my bucket list and i ran up the stairs. >> you ran? >> yes. >> it was hot? >> yes but fun and worth it. >> it's fun. awesome. >> hope they had fun if you are spepding time outside today wear sunscreen and keep a bottle of water handy. in other news, an investigation is underway to what started a deadly fire in philadelphia. one woman is dead and another woman is in the hospital after a fire broke out on avon street in the summerton section of the city a couple that lives at the
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hoping with her adult daughter she was found in the bathroom and pronounced dead at the scene and her mother was taken out of the home in critical condition and the father got out of home safely. >> it's shocking i just saw her walking her dog the other day. >> when the members arrived there was not a lot of fire the fire was burning for a while. >> there was no working smoke detectors inside of that home. >> we are working to get details of stabbing in south philadelphia a man was stabbed several times on the 500 block of taney terrace, a suspect was taken into custody and is being questioned by police and the victim romaines in stable condition there is a job fair going on where businesses are looking to hire hundreds of people, the gloucester premium stores will open in blackwood in august and retailers are looking to hire employees vernon odom
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is live at the job fair in blackwood, new jersey with the full story. >> reporter: rick folks are out here on mass trying to lan the jobs in new jersey, some 150 people were lined up at the doors before he opened up at camden community college. construction work continues here the 90 unit retail mall is due to open in august and that means jobs, hundreds of them. and job seekers by the thousands are trying to land them at the widely advertised job fair, the long lines form inside and outside. as the application process opened at 10:00 this morning. >> i have been looking for a job for two months now i am hoping this is it. >> you are willing to stand in line to apply for it. >> yes you have to do what you have to do to get the job.
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>> gloucester township is beaming. >> this is the larng of the economic project in the history of gloucester township bringing in 800 jobs and 300 construction jobs on going right now and a tremendous turnout here and many vendors inside and good quality companies that will employ good folks from our region. >> those applying here are hoping to get their name into the mix, hoping for call backs. >> i'm in school and hoping to earn money on the side, i haven't actually worked anywhere before so i need job experience too. >> applying for a job. >> are you working? >> no i have been out since 2009. >> are you hoping for a retail job. >> yes, anything to help pay the bills. >> at last count some 300 people have passed through the doors
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already, being interviewed and taking out job applications vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> vernon thank you. today prosecutors are calling the first witness in a stiber stalking trial the defendantses are matusiewicz and amy gonzales they are accused of stalking and harassing his ex-wife amy belford, she and a friend were killed by matusiewicz in 2013 and he then turned the gun on himself. police are looking for who broke into an elementary school in west philadelphia and stole $1800 worth of of electronics they say that the burglar cut a lock to break into the building and the thief took 30 ipads and several laptops and computers. and a turn around from the
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original story police commissioner now says that there is no evidence that a north philadelphia man was reaching for a gun when he was shot and killed by police the department's rush to provide the public details was to blame for a false narrative of last november's shooting of brandon tate brown. there was a gun in the car and then a struggle ensues tate brown's mother has filed a lawsuit, a civil rights lawsuit against the city. >> it's a victory in terms of bringing the truth to light that he was not reaching for a fwun but it's a tragedy as well because this victory and no victory can bring brandon tate brown back to life. >> the family plans to hold a rally in front of city hall on monday. we are getting new details
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about a terror plot targeting police in boston, overnight a man was arrested in connection to that plot, mary bruce is live in washington, d.c. with more on that story. >> reporter: good afternoon well this latest arrest comes as we see a dramatic uptick in the number of people in the you with alleged ties to isis. police moving in overnight to make yet another arrest in yet normal brazen terror plot to kill law enforcement in the boston area. nicholas ravinski was taken into custody in this quiet rhode island neighborhood part of a group of young men that were targeting what they allegedly called the boys in blue. >> i didn't see him doing any harm, he was under surveillance for the last ten days after this
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dramatic scene in a parking lot. >> 26-year-oldle osama rahim was killed for allegedly lunging for a knife. seen here in his high school picture, he was said to be carrying out orders from isis and now the man is charged with conspiracy to support isis. he is posting videos on youtube expressing a view that innocent americans should die. >> now, the search for evidence of this alleged terror plot to kill americans continues. meanwhile, ravinski is due to be arraigned in a boston federal court later today. mary browse channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a fire in central pennsylvania earlier this week may have been more damaging than
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first thought. runoff from the fire may have contaminated a creek killing thousands of fish, contaminates were found in the water following a fire in hanover, adams county officials are advising people not to fish, boat or swim in certain sections of the creek. and they say that up to 100,000 fish have died. still to come on "action news" at 12:30 four possible shark attacks off the atlantic coast in two weeks and more on the alleged shark bite that accept a teenager to the hospital and what an activist of the naacp are accused of lying about her race.
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and the port authority of allegheny authority is investigating the video. well, this afternoon, a teenager is recovering after being bitten by a shark it happened while she was on her boogie board off the coast of carolina. >> we have a shark out here, someone just got bit. >> this morning a 13-year-old girl recovering from a terrifying shark attack. >> it's bleeding pretty bad. the shark taking these two frisbee size bites out of her boogie board off the coast of north carolina. the attack believed to be the fourth shark attack off the coast in just two weeks earlier this week in cocoa beach florida, a boy on a beach chomped while swimming in waist deep waters rescuers carried
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him off the beach. this shark sighting off hunting ton beach north carolina. and if there seems like there is more sharks that is because there are, the population of great whites spark inging sparking 42%. sharks even 15 foot tigers like these don't typically go for humans like this one chomping on my camera pole or that one in north carolina going for a boogie board. this next story is getting attention on social media, a prominentsive civil rights activist in spokane, washington, is accused of -- accused of falsely identifying herself as black on a city application to
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serve on a city police commission her parents say she is german and czech she postd this picture of an african-american man as her father. >> are you african-american? >> i don't the question. i did tell you that that is my dad. and he was unable to come in january. >> are your parents, are they white? >> she walked away from the interview without answering the question, the city of spokane is investigating the allegations. on whether she violated the city's code of ethics. still to come on "action news," see why a graduation ceremony was extra special for a graduate. meanwhile looking at sky 6 hd from the jersey shore, a pretty
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picture from cape may it's a hot one out there. will the heat stick around for the weekend. accuweather when we come right back.
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graduation day turned emotional for a teenager because she thought she would not get her diploma, she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia and she fought the disease with her family and friends and after hitting the books hard this last year, she got the message she was waiting for. she had one message in mind. >> don't take people for granted like the people in your family and with you. >> taylor plans to attend community college next year and pursue a career in early childhood education. congratulations to her. >> a lot of graduation ceremonies may be held indoors
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today and tomorrow. >> that may be a good idea seek the shade the heat is on today rick. we'll show you what is going on today, stormtracker 6 live double scan, it's dry and quiet and the issue today is that oppressive heat and humidity we have the heat advisory it's up until 8:00 this evening, and heat indexes are close to 100 in locations, we show you the picture outside, sky 6 hd looking at a beautiful shot of penn's landing and you can see the haze in the sky as well. it's hazy, hot and humid at this noon hour numbers north and west of town, 70 in tannersville and 86 in septemberer city and chester and down across new jersey, you can see it's 91 in ewing and same thing in browns mills and hammonton here is where you go to beat the heat, and as you head to the west,
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hockessin 87. here is something to keep in mind another air quality alert for unhealthy and sensitive groups. you really want to imlit your activity and check on the elderly. here is satellite 6 along with action radar, the cold front is lifting off to the north and some showers and storms are starting to bubble up west of the spine of the appalachians so with so much warmth and humidity, i would not be surprised to see a pop-up shower or thunderstorm late in the day. but here is the big story we are challenging records many some locations the forecast high is 95 and if we hit that we could tie a record here at philadelphia international airport, allentown
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if we hit 90 tomorrow it could be the first heat wave this year. monday clouds and sunshine and 86 and tuesday warm and humid with a pop-up shower or
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thunderstorm, also in the upper 80s and lower 80s into wednesday and thursday keep yourself cool today the temperatures will be quite hot. >> how was it down the shore yesterday, nice and cool? >> yes, much cooler than inland. >> it looks delicious down there. if your co-workers looked tired today they may have been up watching the new season of orange is the new black. they released the new show, and it works in the matter of minutes it was trending on twitter. two comedians are getting ready to take their tal ens to lifetime. will farrell are in a new lifetime movie deadly adoption it centers on a couple that becomes friendly with a woman to
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steal their child. they calling it a thriller. next weekend is the manayunk arts festival and alicia vitarelli is here along with an fyi for you where she previews what is in store next weekend. >> it's one of the largest art festivals in the tri-state area. >> this is the festival's 26 and year. >> there are generally 500 artists. >> emily will be there she hand crafts jewelry for decades, i started as a hoppy making a few things for myself and quickly realized i had the fwist and talent and she creates charm necklaces and bracelets. >> she talks to me and i listen in and use tools. >> she designed one of these rocking chairs 20 years ago. >> that is the ah factor. >> it's comfortable. >> you find a piece for your wall at home you didn't know you
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needed. there are so many different types of or the work you never know. >> there are several layers of paper depending on the piece and i'll draw the negative space and then cut it with an exacto blade and i make these minimalist pieces, they will be making their crepes outside. >> we have special crepes for the occasion. >> it's amazing. really good.
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>> all right meteorologist, melissa magee is here with a look at the hot and steamy accuweather forecast. >> let check out the numbers 95 in the city we could tie a record hot and humid and
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thunderstorm overhead and heat advisory until 8:00 along the i-95 corridor. >> thank you melissa. now a look at stories coming up on "action news" at 4:00, including another edition of freebie friday plus two colorado restaurant owners knew they sparked their fair share of out rain while promoting a white appreciation day how the mexican american business owners used the controversy for unity. and why some brides to be are turning to professionals for their bridal parties. what it takes to be a bride for hire. coming up later today on "action news" at 4:00 5:00 and 6:00. stay cool we'll see you later.
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